It makes me so sad, that we (the human race) consider ourselves being the most intelligent species on earth, and then do nothing but destroy ourselves!!
By that I mean – what other spices, care so little about what they eat and drink, and how they treat their body, than the human race

When did it become ok to go on auto pilot, and not use our common sense?
When did it become ok to suppress our basic needs, such as eating clean food when hungry, drink fresh clean water, go to the bathroom when we first feel the urge, take a nap when tired, go to bed early, and wake up energized?

It’s not ok!! You need to act, and go Back to Basics. Treat yourself and with respect and love. Eat what you are supposed to eat, (clean whole food) so you can stay strong and healthy and don’t have to rely on pharmaceuticals as a bandages.
Think about it for a minute, just how much do you actually know about the food and drinks you have every day, the personal care and cleaning products you use or the pharmaceuticals in your medicine cabinet? Have you ever been skeptical about whats in all those products?
You need to build

I know, most people will say “But I don’t have time” or “If only I could” or “But my kids won’t eat that” And I’m sorry to say, but that is BS!!
You are probably the one doing the grocery shopping, right? It’s not your kids! so whatever they like or think they don’t like, is exactly what you have though them.
All these excuses are just the little “addiction voice” in our head telling us – Don’t make changes, you might miss out on something. Or, don’t worry, you can always change tomorrow, or on Monday!

By making a plan, and prepare for the week in the weekends, you’ll generate a lot of free time during the week, to enjoy the things you like. And if you have kids, involve them in the process. They are more likely to eat some of the things they help prepare.
By shopping the outer perimeters in the grocery store and only buy whole food, organic if possible, they you are off to a good start on the food part.
Another thing is, have a positive mindset.
Don’t waste your time on gossip and negativity from your surroundings. If you stand on your own two feet, make the right choices for you and your loved once, don’t care if you stand out because of your choice to live a healthy lifestyle, you’ll soon see how your surroundings will start ask questions, admire and copy what you are doing.

Building a great solid and healthy foundation, is not only for our houses. It applies very much for you and your family too.
We are on this planet such sort amount of time, so why waste it by destroying the best we have?