A couple of weeks back, I shared that I had been working on getting out of my comfort zone, and now it was time to make changes in my biz.
That is happening right now!! I’m shifting gears! From August 1st Happy Healthy Way will become Birgitte Christensen.
My Social media will be updated the new logo over the
next few days.
The new websiteis in the making, and will be released later this year!  I”M SO EXCITED!!

So, who exactly am I?
I’m happily married to Andy,  the love of my life (follow  him on Andy Christensen Racing), I’m the mother of two wonderful and amazing kids (well grown ups!!) and a grandma to precious little Noah Elias.
My life mission is to Inspire healthy living – physically, mentally and financially, and to do so, I use my more than 10 years of experience in health and wellness as a Holistic Practitioner and my recent commitment to Zilis, The pay it forward company!

I love when I have helped someone succeed in changing their lifestyle, weather it’s small steps at a time or going all in.
Being a certified Reflexologist with nutrition & supplementation, I learned how to help the body heal using the Chinese Medicine approach.
I am also a certified Massage therapist, Crania Sacral Therapist and Reiki Healer. I do not use all these therapies in practis here in the US, but they help me a great deal when it comes to determine which issues we are dealing with.

Online services
Taking my Holistic Practice online, will enable me to help even more people make lasting changes. You will become a part of my private facebook group, and you’ll have the support and accountability from like minded people.
I believe lifestyle change is just as much mentally as physically, so you will get to know YOU, good and bad, when you choose my class.
However, if you are looking for a “quick fix” lifestyle change, this will NOT be for you!
To succeed in making a lasting change you need to work hard and be committed. I promise you it’s worth every step of the way.
Stay tuned on Facebook and the newsletter for info about the next course.

Have a great weekend