Changing my business name and taking my business online, is a whole new ball game!  
It’s a lot of work (but fun), and it takes a lot of planning new web site and social media marketing, which all take a lot longer than anticipated!! All the hand outs I used to use in my practice are being re-written with new logos, and my 12 week Back to Basics program is being transferred into a 3 step Master class.
It’s all so exciting and exhausting at the same time.

My life purpose is to help people become healthier not only physical and mentally, but also financially.
I’m still baffled, that so many think that if they are on a diet 1 week here and there, and do exercise once a week that’s gonna do it!
Let me tell you, changing your lifestyle to a healthy balanced one takes time and practice, and it’s not something that can be done when you think it’s convenient. It’s an ongoing working process, just like any relationship.
The good news is, that when you have done it for a while, you don’t think about all the things you used to eat, and they won’t even taste good.
I started this journey for real back in 2000, when we decided to eat according to our blood type, because I had been struggling with my health almost all my life! Dizziness, headaches and mind fog 24/7, was my normal!
Making the change gave me a lot of benefits, as I wasn’t supposed to eat bread, dark meat and veggies from the night shade family. Still not feeling 100% and being in my early 30’s, I started seeking help from the alternative and holistic practitioners, The result was, that i’m very sensitive to almost all metals, including silver!!! not the best when you own a Jewelry shop! On top of that I suffer from Candida overgrowth, so lifestyle and nutrition is very important. But that will be another blog 🙂
So, in 2005 I decided to sell the shop, still due to health issues. It was very difficult, because it was a shop my parents had build and worked for 30 years!
However, life is too short not to feel well. I decided to get a degree in Reflexology with nutrition and supplementation. At least I would be able to help myself 🙂
Learning about how the human cells are build and just how much they are capable of, both when getting the right nutrients and when getting all the junk, was really interesting. And having the Chinese medicine approach, learning how everything in our body is connected, and it there is an imbalance in one place, the cause can be in a totally different place. It taught me just how amazing the human body is.

Why am I sharing this? 
Simply because, what we slowly started in 2000, and the more intense changes added in 2005 is a journey.
Although I feel a lot better than 17 years ago, I’m still struggling some days, I’m still detoxing on a regular basis, and most importantly, I’m still learning.
If you are not feeling well, or are not happy with what you do, there is only you to change it. YOU!

That’s why I’ve created a 3 step Master class in how to successfully change your lifestyle, using my 7 steps approach.
I’m also offering a huge opportunity to create the lifestyle you dream of, simply by Paying it forward. I truly love this opportunity, and want to make sure everyone gets it! It might not be for you, but at least you’ll have it offered.

Stay tuned

Have a great weekend