Yesterday, my husband attended the Ironman 70.3 Racine on a relay team, which was his/our first ever triathlon event!
Being an ultra cyclist, it is usually 12 and 24+ hour races he does, so this was a very different but amazing and 
fun experience.
Thank you to STRIve Triathlon club, Racine for making us feel really welcome in your club, we appreciate every one of you.

As usual I make sure he gets the right nutrition before and after a race. With this being a very different type of race, because of the for us relatively short distance, I had to make sure he got enough energy before he took off, to be able to go all out in his 56 miles of biking.

Eating whole food, gluten free and organic, is a lifestyle and not something we think much about. We just feel good when we live this way, which I call the Back to Basics whole food lifestyle. It’s NOT a diet – diets doesn’t work!!
To optimize the function of our cells further, we add supplements. We see it as a part of our health and wellness insurance!

When you train the amount of hours he does, he creates a lot of oxidative stress in his body. To level that out, he needs a lot of antioxidants and fats. I always make him double up on all supplements around and during races.
Recently he added the 7CBD Hemp oil too, which has increased the quality of sleep and decreased the recovery time tremendously.

So back to Andy’s race day nutrition. For breakfast (about 3 hours before race start) he had a solid bowl of oatmeal with apple, raisins and nuts, and a glass of orange juice.
He was doing the 56 mile bike part, which would probably take 2h 20m. For that he only has water on the bike.
However, both 2 hours and 1 hour prior to the race he had 1 tbsp of coconut oil. That provides enough energy to go all in for that amount of time.After the race he had a big bowl of mixed salad with dried ham, nuts and olive oil, a boiled eeg with paleo bread, and plenty of water. During the after

noon he had water melon and a whole food nutrition bar.

I’m new to the triathlon world, but it strikes me how much sugar and carbs that are consumed in the days up to an event like this. And how many participants struggle with cramps, fibers and soreness when they are done!! I would like to think the every day nutrition plays a big part of these reactions.Today, the day after the race, Andy has a rest day. He only feels a little soreness in his thighs. Tomorrow, 48 hours after the race, he is back on the bike fora 90 minute interval training!


A big shout out to every one doing Ironman, 1/2 Ironman, Marathon, 10K, 5K and other events where you push yourself to the limit, I think it is very inspiring and admirable you are doing this.