The first time I was introduced to Hemp oil was 5-6 years ago in my health care shop in Denmark.
The results with the oil was amazing, already at that time.
Fast forward, I was recently introduced to this particular CBD Hemp oil and I must say, WOW! The testimonials I have heard and received from my own clients are just amazing.

What is so different in this particular CBD Hemp oil?
CBD is the non-psychoactive part of the Hemp plant and is safe and legal in all 50 states.
CBD regulates the endocannabionoid system, which is responsible for a number of important functions in our body, such as sleep, inflammatory responses and cognitive ability.
Our body has 2 types of cannabinoid receptors, CB1 and CB2, which is most abundant in the brain and immune system. The CBD interacts with the body’s naturally occurring cannabinoid receptors to aid with pain relief.
Absorption of the CBD oil takes place primarily in the intestines, which are covered with a fine, watery film. We all know that water and oil does not mix, unless you have a component thats able to be water and oil absorbent.
Using Purzorb technology along with a proprietary process, micellization, the oil-based ingredients in 7CBD Hemp oil, becomes water-soluble, which makes it possible to permeate the film in the intestines.
It’s known to have an 85% absorption by the body, which makes it significantly superior in bioavailability and having more quickly observed effects.

More than 1,000 studies have shown that CBD positively impacts;

Pain – Inflammation – Anxiety – Sleep – Appetite suppression – Movement disorders – Memory – Seizures – ADHD – Traumatic brain injury

I find that pretty impressive!

This month we are doing a 7 for 7 challenge with the 7CBD Hemp Oil, meaning, you can buy a bottle supply of 7 days, to see just how much you’ll benefit from this amazing oil before committing to a full bottle.

Watch this short video about the 7 for 7 challenge – It’s truly amazing. Are you up for the challenge, just send me an email.
BUT remember, you might feel better by trying!! 🙂

Stay Happy & Healthy